2020 continues to be a strange year, both for ourselves and for Misu and Livia.  Romania has had fewer cases of Covid than we have (as a proportion of its population), but significantly more deaths.

Misu and Livia haven’t been able to run any camps at all this year - the first time in 25 years.  However, they have managed to meet up with the young people who help them on the children’s camps, and they plan more get togethers over the autumn, part training, part maintaining contact.  These young helpers gain a lot from their work with Misu and Livia, and often “graduate” up to our own conferences when they become older teens.

Although it has been a disappointing year in the sense of no camps, it has provided a very welcome rest for both Misu and Livia, which they definitely felt they needed, and it has given them a chance to catch up on some important maintenance jobs on both the site and the car.

Aside from the camps being on pause, they have been able to continue with their various charitable works - a monthly bursary for 4 young people, helping 4 families with significant illness, donating clothes and materials to 2 Rroma communities (Voivodeasa and one other), and similar help to poor families in Brodina and Radauti.

We have been able to help them with car repairs (they’re completely cut off without the Mitsubishi!), and we are planning our next virtual conference, which will take place at the end of November.

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October 2020

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