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newsletter photos1 The Cascaid Trust, Registered Charity No. 1056398, Co Ltd by Guarantee No. 3182828  Reg Office  20 Merchiston Road London SE6 1SH

It’s not too long now before our Summer Conference at the end of August.  We’ll be quite a small team this year, but between us we have lots of ideas!

The theme is “Dust and Dreams”, which refers to the idea that we are physical creatures, but at the same time we are more-than-physical creatures, and so we want to explore how these 2 aspects relate to each other. We’ll be looking at this in many different ways, as we always do, touching on :  morality, identity, the individual in society, free will, where we came from, information vs meaning, art  …

Building on previous events, we hope to get several of our Romanian students presenting material, and we’ll plan in more opportunities for discussion of the various topics.

Our aim is to provoke our young people to think, and not just to get swept along with the tide.   They come from a generation which has generally rejected the church and is rather agnostic about God, and we want to point up ways in which faith can still be relevant to the modern world.

It’s always difficult to predict how many will want to come, but there’s been a lot of interest shown this year, including from new people.  In the past we’ve been oversubscribed, and it can be difficult to work out a fair way to choose participants.

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