We’ve just been enjoying our Summer Conference on the theme of “Lost”  …  but as with the April events, it had to take place on Zoom of course!  It’s still unclear when we will practically be able to travel to Romania again, and it is clear that the young people are pining for a real Brodina experience.  Still, at least Zoom - despite all its vagaries - makes something worthwhile possible.

Turnout was  bit disappointing, but the engagement of those who attended our 3 two-hour sessions was fantastic.  The small group discussions were particularly fruitful, and the material was evidently helpful.  There was a more or less unanimous call for another mini-conference in November :  it seems that many of our students had part-time jobs which prevented them coming this time round, and early indications are that more of them will be free in the Autumn.  

The theme for November (picking up from our “Lost” discussions) will be “The Sacred”, and already we have 2 volunteers who are keen to contribute presentations, as well as the material I am developing.

One of the advantages of Zoom is that geography is no problem - two of our young Romanians logged in from holiday in France, and it was a great joy to see several of our “old faces” once again showing up from various corners of Romania.  In general, the average age of our attendees this time tended more towards University than High School.   My only concern with this, is that we rely on new youngsters coming in each year, to mature into the core for subsequent conferences.  Having said that, we did have 2 new participants from University who both seem very keen to stay involved.

It has been a strange year for Misu and Livia (and for all of us!).  They have not been able to run any of their usual camps this year, which they’ve found very frustrating, but at least the Zooms are something they can participate in.

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September 2020

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