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We are preparing a rather different type of mini-conference for this November.  One of the things that came out of the feedback from the Summer, was that a lot of Romanian young people experience considerable stress in their lives.  

What was particularly amazing was that some of the older teenagers said how they wanted to help the younger ones find ways of coping with this, and that they thought the “Brodina vibe” created an ideal setting for young people to relax and open up.

So we’re creating a Brodina opportunity at the end of November (woolly vests required!) over a weekend.  We’ve got a few ideas  of our own to contribute too, but the emphasis this time won’t be on our inputs, but rather on  making space for our Romanians to air their problems and discuss solutions themselves.  

Significantly, as soon as I put the information for the mini-conference out there, the places all filled up more or less immediately, and I already have several names on the reserve list.   Stress is clearly a hot issue.

I anticipate that I will pick up some of this material too (along with other comments from the 2018 feedbacks) for next Summer’s main conference.

One of the things I’ve always hoped for with our Conferences, is that one day our Romanian friends would develop their own ways of taking our discussions forward for themselves.  I pray that this weekend may be part of that process.

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