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November Conference


Team building at Brodina

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Well, we have 25 of our Romanian friends signed up for “The Darkness Within” for the end of this month, with several more on the reserve list.  We’re doing something rather different to what we usually do, so please pray that it will work out in a helpful manner.

I’m going to ask some of the Romanian guys to give an introduction on the first evening, to set the scene for teenage mental health.  Then on the Saturday, I’m going to take a handful of the issues which research shows are likely to be problematic (eg exam stress, social media, gender expectations, physical safety, broken families), and after short introductions, ask them to discuss their own experiences in small groups.  So I hope they’ve got plenty to say, or else it will be a rather empty weekend!

I continue to be impressed at how some of the Romanians themselves want to make a positive contribution - and at how rapidly the places for the weekend filled up once the topic was announced.  The dates are Nov 23-26.

Meanwhile, Misu and Livia have been busy!  I’d thought they’d finished their activities at Brodina after the Film Camp, but they’ve hosted several activities since then.  

They hosted a team building week for 30 volunteers from a Catholic charity who work with disadvantaged children from Radauti.  2 of our own students (not Catholics!) also attended, as they are motivated to help with this work.  They are 2 of the ones who’ll be making an introduction at our weekend.

Then after a few days for student leaders for their own Children’s Camps, Misu and Livia hosted a class from one of the Radauti schools for a week.  Every year, the schools have an opportunity to offer an “Alternative Week” (in fact we ourselves spoke at one such, a few years ago), so this was a very interesting opening, which can hopefully be repeated next year.  The school in question this time has an agricultural emphasis, and so there is plenty of interest in the Brodina environs.

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