We’ve just held our last Zoom Conference of 2020, with snow well and truly on the ground over in Romania.  It’s been an uncertain time for our students, with exam season, and various combinations of online and offline classes.

Two of our young people gave fantastic talks, where they dealt with some very deep and difficult topics, and I gave a presentation too which I hope brought some hope into the discussion.  Those who came were definitely highly engaged with the topic (”Holy”) and they are people clearly groping for meaning and significance in life.

Having said that it was a disappointingly small turnout, and I fear Zoom has lost some of its allure since the early days of lockdown!  At the moment, there is no other way of keeping our work going (apart from our discussion triggers on social media), but with vaccines just around the corner, let’s hope that will all change in 2021 !

Our next newsletter will not come out until February, and in the meantime let me wish you all a Merry Christmas - or rather :

Prayer Points

prayer points

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December 2020

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