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newsletter The Cascaid Trust, Registered Charity No. 1056398, Co Ltd by Guarantee No. 3182828  Reg Office  20 Merchiston Road London SE6 1SH

Hard to imagine if you live in London, but they’ve had floods in North-East Romania!  These haven’t affected Misu though, and as I write this, his Children’s Camps are going well.

We’re putting the finishing touches to our presentations for August, although there’s still quite a bit to do in preparing videos etc.  I think we’ve got a fantastic and diverse set of ideas, which we pray will stimulate thinking and discussion about all sorts of things, and especially how faith can still be relevant to the modern person.  

Lots of our students have signed up to give presentations themselves, which is marvellous.  We’ve prepared some materials to help them to put their ideas together in an engaging way, so hopefully they’ll be able to learn both about their chosen topics and also about presentation skills.

We’ve got about the right number signed up to come  - 35, plus a few on a reserve list.  They include a number of new and younger participants, who’ve heard about the conferences from their friends - what a great recommendation!

We’ve responded to feedback in rejigging the program timetabling slightly, and building in more opportunity for discussion, so we are looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Spending a week with that many young people does also have its challenges, such as lack of sleep for them and therefore for us too!  Sometimes concentration can flag towards the end of the week, but we’re hoping the timetable changes will ease that.

The next Prayer News will appear after the Conference, early in September.

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