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Misu’s Easter event was a great success!  Thank you for your prayers!

21 of our 6th-formers  enjoyed a couple of days up at Brodina with Misu and Livia, and several more would have come too if there had been room.  As well as walks through the woods etc, the idea was for the Romanians themselves to give presentations to generate discussion.  What is amazing is that 9 of them stepped forward to give presentations, theoretically on topics related to Easter, although in reality only rather tenuously so!

I had the privilege of reading through one of the girl’s notes beforehand, who had prepared a superb and powerful piece on food waste.  Misu tells me that all the other presentations were good too, and in particular some ideas around finding your own values despite the pressures around you.  These created some profound discussions.

Romania’s changing.  It’s only relatively recently that our students have felt confident enough to speak at the Summer Conferences, and this is the first time they’re run one completely without us!  That is significant progress.

Another intriguing sign of the times was that for some of the sessions, Romanian students had chosen to present complex material to other Romanians - in English!

Marcus and I are popping over to see Misu and Livia in a couple of weeks’ time, to hear more about this mini-conference (and plans for a possible re-run in June!) and to discuss Hannah’s finances.  It will be good to be able to spend time together.

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