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newsletter photos1 The Cascaid Trust, Registered Charity No. 1056398, Co Ltd by Guarantee No. 3182828  Reg Office  20 Merchiston Road London SE6 1SH

It was lovely to see Misu and Livia for our flying visit this weekend.  They are looking well!

We talked about sustainable finances for Hannah, and indeed for themselves, and they feel more peaceful about that than they did last year.   Partly that’s because they are seeing how it works out for them to live up at the Brodina site, which is such a wonderful and peaceful place to be (if you don’t need too many modern comforts!)  

Some possibilities have arisen for them to rent the Brodina site out when they’re not running camps themselves, and they wouldn’t necessarily need to be involved in the running of these events.  A few such lettings could generate the  income they need - but there is still important upgrading work to be done, which is still a bit of a hurdle.

After the successful miniconference a couple of weeks ago, they are considering running another one in June.  This Summer, they will be running 4 children’s camp, our Conference, possibly the Film Camp for the 3rd year running, and possibly 2 camps which will generate income.  There’s already a lot of interest in our Summer Conference, including from friends of those who’ve come before, and also some of those who came to the previous Film Camps.  For the first time, we will be suggesting that participants make a donation to the work of Hannah, as a way of covering the costs, but I think we will still have the problem of more young people wanting to come than we can accommodate!

Although they are trying out living up in Brodina, Misu and Livia still need to maintain a presence in Radauti, as that is the focus of their charitable work.

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