Ideally, an ultimate aim would be to network these peoples.

All members of the Body of Christ are inter-dependent.  Nevertheless, we do not want to encourage the wrong type of dependency in our friends.

Our own culture – and our experience in Romania and elsewhere -  may well have equipped us with valuable insights which we can share with our friends.  We must recognise also that we will have blind spots.  Perhaps our foreign friends can help us.

We rejoice in the rich diversity which characterises the Body of Christ worldwide.

We need to reflect our experiences back on ourselves, and on our friends here.

We need to help each other – we must recognise that such an enterprise will generate emotional and existential strains.  Hopefully these strains can be creative, if worked through in an atmosphere of love.


“Practical assistance” does form an essential part of this vision, but only in the wider scheme of things.

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