Hannah is a Romanian-registered charity, based in the North-East Romanian town of Radauti.  It is entirely run by Misu and Livia Ciobanu, and is supported by ourselves and other groups in England, France and the Netherlands.

Their mission is to respond the the spiritual and material needs of those around them.  To this end, they run their own projects, and also actively co-operate with Radauti town council and with schools.

They run projects to help the poor locally, including families and elderly people.  This includes provision of free clothing (as well as the sale of second hand clothing in their charity shop, to raise funds).

For young people, there is the Pupil Sponsorship scheme at the local secondary school, as well as other input into the school.  They run extra educational classes in various subjects, and a Computer & Internet Club.

We hold regular conferences in the Radauti area, to assist young people think through the dramatic changes taking place within their society, as well as providing discussion material in the form of two-monthly bulletins.

Hannah also provide input into the work with the Rroma community, including summer camps.

Click here to view Hannah’s new English-language site.

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